Membership Application





    1. Membership is open to every adult Muslim 18+ years of age.

    2. Has to be a resident of Vaughan for at least 1 year at the time of application. Exceptions must be approved by a Board Member or an officer of Islamic Society of Vaughan (ISV).

    3. Every member must respect By-Laws of ISV and must support the objectives and vision of ISV.

    4. Every member is entitled to a single vote at the General Body Meetings of Members and is eligible for appointment to the Board of Directors or as an Officer of ISV; when/if there is vacancy and if he/she is approved by the simple majority of all voting members.

    5. A Membership fee of $100 per person every year is payable at the time of the application submission, on every January 1st
      of the calendar year. This fee may be revised annually by the Board of ISV.

    6. Every member may be solicited by the Board for moral, voluntary and monetary support to help ISV achieve its goals and objectives.

    7. Every membership is subject to the approval by the Board or Officers of ISV.